“A Place Becomes a Healing Environment”:
A Q&A with Ten Eyck Landscape Architects

  Christy Ten Eyck’s mission is to connect urban dwellers with nature and each other. That’s why her Austin-based landscape architect firm is guiding the Laity Lodge renovation project—Ten Eyck’s mission aligns so neatly with ours. Christy and her partner, Tim Campbell, excel at bridging architecture and nature by shaping how people move between buildings, experience a…


Daylighting Studies

We recently visited the offices of Overland Partners where significant progress is being made towards Cedar Brake and the overall site plan. We found Helena Zambrano, Overland’s Sustainability Coordinator, running daylighting studies on the early Cedar Brake concepts. Her work, based on real-time analysis of the sun’s effect, will play a critical, shaping role in…