Site Visit: September 9, 2016

Last Friday found us back on-site for a meeting and to see recent progress. We couldn’t help but notice that the framing crew had a Crock-Pot cooking lunch on the Waterfall Patio. The sight (and smell) of that set-up immediately sent our imaginations back to the last Food Retreat when our guest chefs prepared a memorable dinner in…


The Tenacious Tables

A handwritten note on the back of this photograph tells the story:

“Table custom made for Laity Lodge – one of ten. Mrs. Mary Holdsworth Butt inspects a pecan dining room table made by Travis Burt in the H-E-B Wood Shop in Corpus Christi © 1960.”


Peter Zumthor: Triggering Vibrations

“When an architectural design draws solely from tradition and only repeats the dictates of its site, I sense a lack of genuine concern with the world and the emanations of contemporary life. If a work of architecture speaks only of contemporary trends and sophisticated visions without triggering vibrations in its place, this work is not…


Video Postcard: Concrete Pour

Crews gathered before dawn in preparation for the 20+ concrete trucks that began arriving (through the river, up the hill) at 5:00 a.m. The highly choreographed sequence of events stretched into the late afternoon when the final wooden forms were removed.

Lodge Concrete Pour

The story of the pre-dawn pouring of the Lodge foundation is best told by an email sent to all HEBFF staff from the Director of Safety and Regulatory Compliance:

On Wednesday morning at 5:00 AM, the concrete pour will begin on the foundation of the Lodge building.


Making Way for Cedar Brake

The last bit of large-scale demolition took place last week with the removal of the old Cedar Brake building. Now crews can begin preparing this same site for the new Cedar Brake which will feature a mini-compound of four buildings around a central courtyard.