A quintessential autumn day in the Texas Hill Country. Sixty-four degrees and clear upon arrival. We immediately encounter stockpiles of massive cut rock ready for the landscape. At the Lodge, stonemasons have nearly finished the exterior stonework.

Up at Cedar Brake, framers are rapidly giving shape to the new buildings. This complex will ultimately consist of two duplexes, a triplex, and a main cabin suitable for gatherings (think mini-Great Hall). Cedar Brake is obviously a few stages behind the Lodge and should be ready late summer.

Here are a few iPhone photos of what we saw…

Landscape boulders at the ready

The river side of the Lodge (Waterfall Patio barely visible in the background)

Epicenter of current stone work

A new Cedar Brake duplex, visible from within the actual Cedar Brake

Tree protection

Cedar Brake features pop-out windows

Triplex in the landscape