Will it still feel like the Lodge I’ve come to love over the last fifty years?

Yes, only better. The good thing about fifty years of service is that each building has taken on a distinct personality. We have the benefit of simply enhancing what the buildings already represent, making each a more fully realized version of itself.

Will you be demolishing any buildings?

The Lodge building (guest rooms) will be taken down to the studs but will largely retain the existing footprint. Cedar Brake will likely be leveled, with the new structure replacing the footprint of the original, as it was never structurally intended to support a second story. UPDATE

Are you going to mess with the Great Hall?

Not substantively. The iconic structure of the Great Hall will remain the same. The interior will feature new furniture. We are also considering expanding the “front porch” common area to create a more gracious approach.

What will the new rooms feel like?

Your own private retreat-within-a-retreat. Slightly expanded, the updated rooms will maintain the mid-century modern simplicity and functionality that the Lodge is known for. The materials palette includes wood, concrete, steel, soapstone, and white glazed brick. Extra-Large (8 ft.) windows will define the meadow side of the building. Beds (King + extra-long twin), nightstands, and desks will be built in.

Does this mean something will finally get done about the freezing air blowing up from the floor vents in the Dining Room?

Yes. The renovated Dining Room will allow guests to dine in state-of-the-art, climate-controlled comfort.

What are you doing to address accessibility?

The updated Lodge will feature two fully compliant ADA rooms. Primary pathways are also being brought into full compliance. Beyond that, everything should feel more spacious and accommodating. Rooms and bathrooms will be slightly larger and better organized.

Are you using any environmentally sustainable practices or materials?

Yes. The H. E. Butt Foundation has recently renewed its commitment to the highest standards of care of our 1,900 acres of land. We are exploring ways to incorporate the greenest approach to our buildings, materials, processes, and landscapes.

When will retreats start again?

We are currently hoping to resume retreats in late 2016. The exact date will not be known until we are deeper into the construction process. We will certainly announce the official date, once it’s determined.

Will retreats in the “new” Lodge cost more?

Not necessarily. We’re hoping that retreats can continue to be offered at or near the current rates.

What will you do in the downtime?

A lot of our time will be spent tending to the ongoing decisions involved in a project of this scale. We are also committed to regular updates to the News section of this website. We’re planning some “on the road” events too: Austin, Nashville, and others. Hopefully we will get to see you.