A Prayer for Laity Lodge

  “O Heavenly Father, of whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named, Be present at Laity Lodge, that all who enter there, being kindly cared for, may find it a haven of blessing and of peace. Sanctify the buildings for your glory, for everything in heaven and on earth is yours. Yours,…

Some last minute touches

Over the course of the last month, Paul Soupiset (H. E. Butt Foundation creative director) has made his way out to Laity Lodge twice weekly to hand-paint lettering onto various glass windows and doors as part of the overall wayfinding and signage package for the renovation. Paul designed the stencils using a wide-tracked, all-caps Gotham…

Site Visit: July 15

After a summer evening’s storm, we arrived to find the Lodge aglow (someone had left the lights on). Of note this visit: the finished millwork in the Lodge rooms (wardrobes, desks, and beds), the dock being reworked while moored across the river–clearly visible from the new observation deck, and the pleasing effectiveness of rain chains.

Tending to Details – Wednesday, May 31

“Our experience of an architectural space is strongly influenced by how we arrive in it.…”

Architect and author Matthew Frederick is writing principally about finding one’s way into and around built spaces. He explains, “A tall, bright space will feel taller and brighter if counterpointed by a low-ceilinged, softly lit space. A monumental or sacred space will feel more significant when placed at the end of a sequence of lesser spaces.…”

Site Visit: May 1

May Day. Wildflowers line Highway 41, cliff swallows have returned to take up their summer residence under the Great Hall porch, and the tile crew continues to grout Lodge bathrooms. Renovations have turned the corner into the final push of summer, and, though there is still plenty of work ahead, finishes are beginning to appear.

Checklist: April 10, 2017

As complex as the Laity Lodge renovation project has become (consisting of multiple buildings and acres of landscape), the full scope of it lives as a simple (albeit long) list. Our internal team has a check-in meeting each Monday morning to review the current state of things, make a few decisions, and assign tasks for the days ahead. Below is a snapshot of what is happening this week.

Instant Reportage Photography

Our Kerrville offices include an Archive full of old documents, correspondences, brochures, audio recordings, architectural plans, and lots of photographs. There’s something to the experience of thumbing through these old shots of the Canyon and the people who have inhabited it through the years. Inspired by this, we’ve decided to begin adding our own analog photos to the collection.