The Shaping Power of Place

Winston Churchill said that “we shape our buildings, and afterwards our buildings shape us.” An afternoon spent reminiscing with Eddie Sears, Betty Anne Cody, Carole and Howard Hovde in the Laity Lodge Great Hall seemed to prove the point. Most of the Lodge traditions we take for granted today found their origin in the work…

Ten Eyck Site Visit

This week landscape architect Christine Ten Eyck made her first site visit to Laity Lodge. A recurring theme in our meandering conversation (most of it occurring on foot as we walked the grounds) was the importance of water in a landscape like ours. Ten Eyck has demonstrated a unique combination of artistry and environmental and regional sensitivity in her work, and we are grateful to have her join the project team.

Cedar Brake and Site Planning with Overland Partners

Laity Lodge is excited to announce that Overland Partners has been retained to assist us in completing several aspects of the renovation project including the design of the new Cedar Brake guest rooms and a reimagined site concept that dramatically improves the arrival experience of our guests. The Lodge team recently spent two days on-site with Overland to begin plotting out (and sketching out) some of the new concepts.